Designers Are Obsessed With Breakfast Nooks And Here’s Why

breakfast nooks

Do you ever go to a restaurant and wait for a booth to open up instead of sitting at at those uncomfy table with chairs? Or ask the hostess to relocate you when you see you’re headed that way?




If so, you’re in good company because most people prefer dining in a cozy and intimate booth to a table and chairs.

Designers have taken notice. They’re replicating the dining experience in trendsetting homes across the country. If you are challenged with a small home or looking for a more intimate dining experience, the breakfast nook is for you.

As a Designer, we are always searching for ways to enrich our client’s lives and looking for the next big thing. Our goal is to make your life better while making the most of your space, especially if it’s limited.

Often, the best designs stem from making the most of small spaces, which is true for breakfast nooks.

They maximize the flow of a room and make every square inch count by using even the smallest footprint to carve out an intimate alcove.

Think about it:

Nothing invites happiness like a morning ritual of coffee and croissants in a cozy breakfast nook or late-night glasses of wine. They are also ideal for everyday activities like working on a computer or arts and crafts.

While dining rooms are great for entertaining, a breakfast nook is the ideal intimate environment for family meals. But, they aren’t just for small gatherings anymore.

In fact: Even large homeowners are requesting built-in seating because they see the advantage of a smaller footprint and more intimate family moments. Keep scrolling and get inspired for your next project.

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